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This crazy internet [Dec. 31st, 2008|01:34 am]
[Current Location |Seoul]

My mother just friended me on facebook. Things like this should not happen.

I am sad to have missed the GEF reunion but I hope it was a blast. Know that I was there in spirit.

I am doing well and enjoying myself, but working too much.

I will be returning to the states at the end of March with no subsequent plan in place.
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God Bless You [Sep. 21st, 2006|01:55 pm]
There is a girl who sits next to me in one of my classes. I know nothing about her but she seems like a typical blond sorority girl. One day in class she sneezed and I said 'God Bless You' to her. I knew she heard me but I got no response. That's fine, but a few minutes later the exact same thing occurred, I said 'God Bless You' and got no response. Then later in class I sneezed and she didn't say anything. I was a little bothered by this but didn't dwell on it too much. The next time we had class she sneezed and the guy on the other side of her said 'God Bless You'(I would've but he was pretty fast with it) to which she replied 'Thank You'. Later in that class this other guy sneezed and she then said 'God Bless You'. I was perplexed. Had she purposefully not thanked me specifically? Singled me out as someone to not say God Bless You to? Had I merely improved her sneezing etiquette by blessing her those times? Well today in class, towards the end, I sneezed and she said 'God Bless You'. I said 'Thank You' and for some reason it was beautiful. Had she thanked me or said God Bless You to me on the first day it would have had hardly any impact on me but as it was it made my day and gave me a sense of hope for some reason.

Not the best story ever but I thought it warranted telling. Saw Shawshank Redemption last night for the first time. It instantly became one of my favorite movies.
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I'm cool too guys, I listen to music and stuff [Apr. 14th, 2006|03:33 pm]
I'm not dead. I still have a livejournal. I normally wouldn't partake in these things but this was fun to make and my music collage varies wildly from other people's, so here goes. I don't know what significance any of these albums has except that at some point in my life I have liked something about each of them.

Create your own Music List @ HotFreeLayouts!
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I can't remember the last time I yelled at someone and yet... [Jul. 15th, 2005|12:43 am]
[Current Mood |shockedfrazzled]
[Current Music |Radiohead]

This is a bit of a recap for this first half of July. There's plenty more shit, good and bad, but here's some of the more interesting.

3rd of July
The 3rd was my fourth this year. I went to Scott's house in Jackson and saw his dad light off $1800 worth of fireworks. Needless to say it was a very good show. Ample food and good times were had by all. Scott's grandfather is quick enough to be a damn superhero. I also played basketball with Scott and his brother. I came down on his brother's foot and rolled my ankle. It swelled up to roughly the size of a baseball.

I of course thought my ankle would be better the next day if I iced it through the night. Surprise, it wasn't. It was my right ankle and I drove back from Jackson in pain. I went straight to Olin and hopped up to the door only to find that they were closed for the 4th. I was slightly annoyed and uttered a few profanities without noticing the family walking on the sidewalk behind me. I then drove myself to Sparrow and hopped all the way to the emergency room, where I was set up with a wheelchair, an ice pack, and an orderly to wheel me through the halls. Upon first examination they thought it was broken but then they x-rayed it and it turned out only to be a 'bad sprain'(to quote the nurse). So I got some crutches and headed home. I was scheduled to work the next day and so I borrowed a chair from Gunson 1(thanks for bringing it over Jon) and went to work anyways.

Flat Tire? Forget a jack, I got LB.
As I was getting ready to leave for work today I saw that I was parked in. So I frantically searched for Carl's keys to move his car. Turns out he had them and I had had no hope of finding them. When I couldn't find them I went outside to reassess the situation and realized that I had a very flat tire(which I suppose didn't really matter at that point anyway?). So, I ended up waking up Laura Bell from her nap which I hated doing because I knew she had gone into work at 6am and was dead tired. She was nice enough to drive me to work and even dropped her car off later so I could drive home after work. I still haven't done anything with the tire(here's hoping I still have a spare in my trunk). A big thanks goes out to Laura Bell for helping me out so much.

Gas Station

Funny Story
Guy came into the gas station a couple of days ago and bought two packs of condoms. Not 30 seconds later a lady comes back in with the condoms. "My husband just came in and bought these. He got the wrong size, is it okay if I exchange them?". Then she went back and got a smaller size.

I, being the new guy, got a stern talking to by the boss because the lottery drawer was off $40 one day and the only reasonable explanation was that I didn't know how to work the lottery drawer(which I do) and I must've fucked it up. So I got retrained on lotto and was lectured on the importance of double checking numbers and counting correctly. Turns out I wasn't even working that day and it was somebody else's fault.

If you yell loud enough it might just work.
Today at the gas station, immediately after Adam took his Dinner break, all the pumps decided to stop working. Which of course, makes me a huge asshole. Some pumps stopped working altogether while some would only work with pay inside and others worked whenever they felt like it. This of course led to many angry people. Some drove around to different pumps looking for one to work(some people tried 4 before they could get gas) and some decided to mash the help button 100's of times and some others decided cussing me out would be the best course of action. I was the only one at the gas station and the line doesn't get shorter when I can't ring people up as I'm trying in vain to fix things and running back and forth inside and out while still wearing a fucking cast. Here are some of the choicest of excerpts:
"I don't have time for this bullshit."(twice)
"Your pay outside system is shitty and you're a fucking moron."
"I've never coming back here again."(2, maybe 3 times)
Then there was this one guy whom I was trying to help at the pump and seemed nice enough and then when everything was said and done told me calmly "Thanks, and it would be nice instead of just placating me you actually told your manager about this shit and got some of these things fixed so people can get gas in under an hour."
I started giving out candy to irrate customers(which I was in no way authorized to do) and that worked fairly well. The pay outside didn't really work for the rest of the night and though my shift was only 7 hours, it felt at least twice that long.
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Job? [Jun. 14th, 2005|04:01 pm]
[Current Mood |satisfiedsatisfied]

When a lady called me a few weeks ago to schedule an interview at Meijer's I was excited. She said they had an opening for a cashier and for a thrid shift cart person. She called later in the week to reschedule the interview. The lady I eventually met with(not the one I spoke to on the phone)told me that I would have to start out as a bagger and would only make $5.50. I, while thinking this was shitty (particularly after I had been initially told about a cashier position), have been rather desperate for a job and agreed to be a lowly bagger. Then she scheduled me for a second interview with her boss(today). I came in today and waited for awhile and then proceeded to get interviewed again. This lady asked me what position I wanted, offering up suggestions like the deli and bakery. I said stocking would probably be my preferred position. She said she thought there might be an opening for third shift stock. Then seemingly out of left field she asked me if I would want a job at the gas station. I said that would be great, attempting to actually be directed toward a job sometime this year. So she called the gas station guy and had me go over there for another interview(number 3).

When I get there I see an old man behind the counter who had a huge smile on his face and it turned out that this was Ralph, the man who was supposed to interview me. We went into the back room to a desk surrounded by stacks of energy drinks, cheap cigars, and little debbies. I was genuinely excited to be there. Ralph told me some stories about how he got the job and how funny drunk people come to buy cigarettes in the middle of the night. It sounds like a good job. There is a flexible schedule and I'll be making $6(as opposed to the bagger wage of $5.50), with periodic raises based on number of hours worked. I go in for form filling out on Thursday(right before my exam in ITM) and I will be starting on Tuesday. I am excited that I finally got a job, that it seems like a good job, and that I won't have to be a bagger.

Bonus: Bullet-Proof Glass
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April Fool [Apr. 1st, 2005|02:28 pm]
At about 4am last night our door opened. Me being half asleep I assumed it was Andu. Then I heard running water. Turns out it was Curt, and he was peeing on our floor. I yelled at him and he finished up and passed out on the couch. Andu moved him to his room and I poured laundry detergent all over the floor. Today I got out a sponge and got some soap and lots of hot water and scrubbed the floor. Now, our room smells better than it did before the pee. Anyways, you got me good Curt, hats off to you.
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Give her the three ball [Mar. 12th, 2005|07:57 pm]
[Current Music |Michael Jackson - Beat It]

As much as I dislike spending excessive ammounts of time with my family I can honestly say that I had a good time in Phoenix. Suns game was sweet. They scored 129 points, beating the blazers who only tallied 116. We went to an old mining town, the phoenix zoo, and a really sweet old west steakhouse. It was really nice being able to wear shorts. On the flight from Phoenix to Denver on the way back I ended up sitting in front of a toddler who was screaming and kicking my seat the entire flight(I'm fairly certain his mother didn't even attempt to get him to stop) and then our flight out of Denver on the way back was delayed around 3 hours but other than that everything went pretty well.

I visited Evan and Scott in Jackson last night and had a grand time. We went on a late night run to Taco Bell along with Shaya and Tim. My Soft shell taco was MIA when we got back to Scott's house. I was very hungry and was forced to improvise. He had toaster strudels but I wanted a more substantial meal so being the creative genius that I am I invented the toaster strudel sandwich. It involves putting a toaster strudel between two toasted and buttered(the butter was Evan's idea) slices of bread. It was eerily delicious.

There was a sale on old VHS movies at a video store in Kalamazoo and I have added several notable selections to my collection. Police Academy 5: Assignment Miami Beach, Munchies(not Gremlins Scott), Ghost Dad(Bill Cosby at his finest), Time Out: The Truth About HIV AIDS and you(starring Arsenio Hall and Magic Johnson, with guest appearances by: Color Me Badd, Pauly Shore, and Sinbad to name a few.), Super Mario Bros.(I was shocked to find they were selling this at all, let alone for $1.), and Double Dragon(didn't have even close to the same maketing blitz as Mario Bros., but a quality flick nonetheless.).
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(no subject) [Jan. 13th, 2005|05:23 pm]
The instructor for my stats recitation started off by saying "Hello I am Chen Xue. You can call me Jerry." I have had this happen a few times before where TAs have taken on a new, more english name. It kind of bothers me for some reason. I could maybe understand if it is a hard name for English speakers to pronounce but his name is Chen. Maybe he thinks it makes him more approachable or something. I just hope that he wasn't encouraged at some point to take on a more American name. Anyway, I'll be calling him Chen.

At the end of my Stats recitation today a girl came up to Chen and said she would be gone next week to attend the president's inauguration. Maybe it's just me but it seems stupid to spend millions of dollars and have a big party to reinaugurate somebody who's already the president and will just be retaining his job.

I started reading War and Peace. I enjoyed Anna Karenina when I read it in High School and War and Peace is pretty important literarily so I picked it up over break. It's 1444 pages long. I don't mind the length but the fact that it's the size of a dictionary makes it kind of awkward to hold. I'm a slow reader so I'm shooting for finishing it by the end of the semester.

It seems as if all my professors this semester either take attendance or are crazy about pop quizes so it doesn't look like I'll be skipping any classes. I guess I should thank them? I have a 9:10 3 days a week and a 10:20 the other two. It's not that bad I suppose but I need a fair ammount of sleep to function and I am used to having at least one or two days during the week to sleep in.

Sports Crap

I plan on watching a lot of football this weekend. The Colts with league MVP Peyton Manning and crazy kicker Mike Vanderjagt take on the Patriots who have won 2 of the last 3 Super Bowls. I am rooting for the Pats. The Eagles(minus their main offensive weapon and my main man Terrell Owens) take on the Vikings with Culpepper and Moss. The Eagles are my team. The underdog Rams take on the Falcons with crazy legs himself Michael Vick. I've been a Rams fan since Kurt Warner's heyday. Jets and Steeler's promises to be good but I like both teams and don't know who I want to win. There you go Fox and CBS I've plugged the hell out of your games now I expect you to bring back When Animals Attack and cancel Survivor respectively.
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Fuck The Police [Nov. 24th, 2004|10:39 pm]
[Current Mood |blankblank]

I ended up leaving East Lanising around 2 if my memory serves me. I got home, in Kalamazoo, a little after 7. As I was taking the exit to 69 South I turned my steering wheel to follow the curve. Wheels turned, car didn't. I slid off the side of the road and down an embankment. I was not going fast, maybe 25, but as soon as I hit the slick slope the car slid pretty fast. It went through one of those arrow signs, decapitating it, then through a couple smallish trees and eventually came to a stop on top of a bush. My back windshield was in my back seat(in a million pieces) and the window on the drivers side in the back was also destroyed. The back door was totally smashed in but stayed closed. No engine damage but the car looked like shit and there was a lot of glass everywhere. Car still worked fine but I couldn't drive over the bush and back up the wet hill to the road. I called Triple A and waited for the tow truck. While I was waiting a county cop stopped. Here's about how things went:
Cop: Anybody else with you?
Me: No
Cop: Well it looks like you're ok.
Me: Yep
Cop: Can I see you license and registration?
Me: Sure
Cop: I'm going to have to issue you a citation for reckless driving.
Me: I wasn't going fast or anything I just slid off the road.
Cop: It's policy. You can go to court.
Awesome. I love asshole cops. Not only am I stranded by the side of the road with a fucked up car, I now have a fucking citation. It doesn't even say how much it is for but I plan on fighting it, meaning I'll have to go to court in Eaton County. He left then and I sat in my car freezing, as there was no back windshield and one window out in the back allowing the wind and snow to pass freely through my car. I waited for over an hour and a tow truck finally came. It was a flat bed tow truck. Which of course would be unable to 'extract' my car as they say. So, another truck was called in. After another 45 minutes the extraction truck showed up and the other guy left. Apparently Triple A only covers towing, so I had to shell out $40 for the extraction. Then when my car was properly extracted and back on the road guy told me what I needed to do was just drive it home since there was no engine or wheel damage. At this point I didn't care and just wanted to go home. So, I drove home going 35 in bumper to bumper traffic in the driving snow with no rear windshield. It took me hours and hours and it was impossible to read any of the road signs as they were all covered in snow. The only thing I saw on a sign was the go in Chicago which I knew was for I-94 west and would take me home. It was white knuckle driving, in the dark, in the snow, with horrible road conditions, and no back windshield.
I got home and heard that my grandmother's(dad's mom) bus had broken down and she had transferred buses so was running very late(2hours+). Then when she got in she had to wait for her luggage from a different bus that was coming much later still. I also heard that my grandma's(mom's mom) diabetes had been causing problems and she had had the shakes earlier in the day.
I tried to clean the glass and snow out of the car while it was in the garage at home but there was so much that it was futile. The drain in the garage got backed up. I had to get a bucket and help unflood the garage. When I was done with that stuff I had enough time to sit down and watch the Pistons play sloppily and get dominated by the Cavaliers. I wasn't really looking forward to Thanksgiving even before all this happened.

Have a lovely Turkey Day.
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I kicked sleep's ass [Nov. 20th, 2004|07:50 am]
I completed Awakefest. I stayed up for 48 hours. I got up Thursday morning at 7:45am and have not slept since. I am disappointed in the lack of commitment to this year's Awakefest, the only other people who could still complete the full 48 are Mike, Matthew, Erik, and Anne. I'm not sure any of them will make it. Fun takes precedence over commitment for most people I suppose and when it became unfun to stay up, people slept. I've heard a multitude of excuses but I don't attach a lot of value to excuses. I knew coming in there would be hardships. Thursdays are my nap days. My first class is at 8:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays and I get quite tired even through the course of the day normally. Thursday night was IHOP and quality Scott time among other things. I was there when the cafe opened in the morning for breakfast and went to my Econ class on Friday. I went to the Motion City Soundtrack concert Friday night and even moshed a little despite my aching legs. I just think I put a higher value on accomplishing the task in front of me than some others(despite how meaningless said task may be). It was truly a great weekend and I struggled through it. I'm glad I did.

Also, Holiday Spice Pepsi is bitchin'.
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